Today we could meet “IT” abbreviation practically everywhere. And it is not surprising! The role of Internet Technologies in modern society cannot be overstated. Every year thousands of people use the Web in order to develop their business. Indeed, the use of the latest technologies and solutions it is so natural in our dynamic world.

It’s not a secret that the higher is industrial potential of the country, the greater will be demand to present the manufacturer using latest IT solutions. Today it is common to use the services of foreign contractors (so-called outsourcing). One of the most effective and profitable contractors of that kind is ARIO Industrial Inc., quickly and successfully developing provider of outsourcing services in field of IT.

ARIO Industrial Inc. has the lion’s share of it’s production facilities located in Ukraine. Our choice was not accidental: services provided by Ukrainian companies combine high quality with reasonable and competitive prices. Equipment we use meets the standards and requirements that are necessary for the efficient work of the staff. The company works in 24/7 mode.

The staff consists of high-class professionals, experienced in successful cooperation with the representatives of domestic and foreign companies. One of the many pros of ARIO Industrial Inc. is associated with the usage of so-called “whitebox” system. This system provides the customer with opportunity to control every step of his project’s development.

The main areas of the company’s activity are:

  1. Software Development (desktop/laptop/mobile, Linux/Windows/Android);
  2. Web Development;
  3. QA (Web Services, Web Sites, Software, Mobile apps);
  4. Technical Support (The set of the services we offer would be incomplete without mention of not the least of
    the them – Techsupport. Ready to help you as well as coordinate your project, those guys stand guard 24/7);
  5. Server Administrating (Linux: Ubuntu Server/Debian/Cent OS, Unix: FreeBSD,
    Windows Server);
  6. Data Mining
  7. Mobile applications development

Main languages and technologies we use for development:

  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, HTML, CSS
  • Data Bases: MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle Database, SqlLite, MongoDB;
  • Frameworks: Symfony 2, Silex, Yii, Kohana, Zend, jQuery, extJS, Ruby on Rails;
  • Technologies: AJAX, Flex, HTML5, CSS3.0, NoSQL, WebSocket;
  • Web CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal;

We offer flexible cooperation strategy, that includes the work on the creation and support of your project (black box) and provides our customers with opportunity to open the offshore department (white box) that is very useful in cases when customers would like to fully control the work of each member of that department, test new employees, etc.

We have the strong will and opportunities to expand the range of technologies and solutions we use, as well as to perform training of new staff.

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